My key pad needs changing: the @ and the " are the wrong way round. Help?

Answer If you are using Windows XP (or earlier) there will be in the system tray, bottom right of the screen by the clock, a button labeled "EN". This means English, of which there are several varieties... Read More »

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MS Outlook - a basic setting needs changing?

Are you sure Chrome is set as the default browser... it doesn't sound like it.Click the wrench in chrome and select settings, scroll down to the bottom of the basics page and see if the set as defa... Read More »

Are there any tell tale signs that a cam belt needs changing before it breaks.?

You will get no warning and physically checking it will tell you nothing unless there is obvious damage. Don't risk it, change when the manufacturers say and never let it go for more than the numbe... Read More »

Car speakers are the wrong way round..?

Think you have your wires muddled up..Green&Purple wires are for the REAR speakersWhite&Grey wires are for the FRONT speakers..Goodluck

If you where to put jump leads on a car te wrong way round what damage will it do 2 ur car?

When you connect the jump leads connect the red ones to the + terminal first (one on each battery) then connect the black ones carefully to the the - terminals on the battery. When you remove it, ... Read More »