My lap top wont keeps saying wrong password when i no it is right any ideas?

Answer Theres only one way to delete and restore a password on windows and that's to start windows in safe mode then go to accounts and delete password or change password.

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Why wont msn & the internect work on my blackberry keeps saying 'cannot connect to server'?

Do a master reset on your phone to bring it back to factory default.

Whats wrong with my computer its so slow,it keeps saying programs are not responding.. helpppppppppp?

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Every time I try to create my youtube channel, it keeps saying: 'Oops! Something went wrong.' Help?

Hello!It's just a server problem. Probably due to high traffic or sever difficulty. Try reloading the page. Also restart your computer, modem or router. Then create your YouTube account. Make sure ... Read More »