My laptop is so slow, I want to throw it out a window. Please help me!?

Answer You never want 2 anti-virus programs on a computer at the same time, as they will conflict & cause many problems. So you need to un-install Norton. But it doesn't un-install easily. You need to get... Read More »

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My new computer arrived less than 24 hours ago and I already want to throw it out of the window... HELP!!!?

It may not necessarily be ran perfect when I was beta testing it on my pc, the only drawback is only ONE of my programs was not thats not bad. I would uninstall the game... Read More »

My laptop is realy slow... help please?

I would download Advanced System Care which will clear out any old files and does a number of checks on your computer. It is completely free, link below:-â€... Read More »

My laptop is so slow,can someone help me please?

compacting the drive slows it down! I service PCs for a variety of things inc slowness, normallyt a spyware /virus sweep,delete crap, uninstall unused programs then followed by defrag. PM me if yo... Read More »

You tube playing videos is really slow my laptop is only month old please help?

Have You Ever Noticed That The Video Plays Normally Until About 5pm Then It Gets Slow This Happens To Me It Is America They Are All On The Internet At This Time The Real Term Is Peek Time There Is ... Read More »