My laptop keeps asking me to load a blank cd when I try to burn to cd?

Answer Are you sure you are referencing the correct drive in the burning application, it may be picking a different drive to the one capable of disk writing ?

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Why when watching youtube is it slow to load and keeps stopping?

Updating to flash 10 (and I use the word "updating" loosely)may be the root of your problem. Please consider all of this:Several times each day, YouTube shuts down a few of their servers to update ... Read More »

My friends computer keeps asking for a sid and password when trying to access the internet waht is this?

do u mean when ur tryin to access a website?? most porn sites require password which u hav to pay for to enter ^_^

Why Does My Laptop Screen Go Blank When I Open it Up?

When you raise or lower a laptop lid, a switch is activated to signal whether it is being opened or closed. The screen should naturally shut off as it is being closed, and as it is being turned on,... Read More »

My Lenovo Laptop is just a blank screen when i turn it on?

Nothing YOU can fix to begin with. Take it to a repair shop.