My laptop won't connect to the wireless unless the ethernet is plugged in?

Answer You're not connecting to wireless at all if you have to plug it in.This question is like saying you can only walk barefoot when you put your shoes on.

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I can only connect to the wireless network when the ethernet cable is plugged in?

When you connect the connect the ethernet cable, you are able to connect to internet because you have installed the ethernet drivers but there is another driver for the wireless card..You have inst... Read More »

Laptop wont turn off unless I take the battery out?

Check your power option settings are correct. In control panel.

Why wont my computer connect to ethernet?

It's that "crap" that will give enough information to diagnose the problem. Without it there can be no answer. So perhaps provide the actual details.

My laptop won't connect to the internet unless my PS3 is switched on?

thats very weird and mind boggling. it is a head scratcher... hm... try this. turn off the modem and router for 2mins, then turn it back on and try to connect it with your laptop. dont turn on the ... Read More »