My minecraft controls are all messed up?

Answer Firstly Get To Your Roaming FolderWin+RThen A Window Will Open Type%appdata%You Will Open a Window Will Files In It, Go To .MinecraftNow If You want To save The World that You Are Working On Backup... Read More »

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(MINECRAFT) on minecraft how could i feed my wolf?

If it is yours to tame it you can give it bones and to feed it it needs to be raw pork chops to give to your dog.To help me you can check out our channel at : Read More »

Can someone help i messed up!!?

aparrently you are a little more messed up than i though....cause i have not figured out what this has to do with computers....

I've messed up everything, what can i do :(?

You have a choice.Your only 14 years old and now you have realised that life isn't an easy ride, you can't just do what you want without there being a price to pay.So decide, do you want to carry o... Read More »