My minecraft "open to LAN" doesn't work. help?

Answer THAT is a bug appears on minecraft 1.4.4 and over.When clicking "Open to LAN", the IP address shows as****** - you can still connect, you have to replace with the computer's real I... Read More »

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Internet doesnt open straight away?

You do not told which software you are using at stat up. Any software like internet or browser related make internet 2 seconds late. so that check start up application or browser add-on which make ... Read More »

My alt key doesnt want to do alt codes(its nothing to do with numlock)it keeps trying to open menus on window?

First of all have you tried another key board? Preferably wired. [Don't forget to reboot if you change it so that it can be found]Seeing that it is wireless, have you pressed the reset button under... Read More »

Help me the down key doesnt work but all the others do?

If a key on your keyboard doesnt work...?

I've had this before and I just took the bottom off of my laptop and taken the keyboard out and blown it with some air.My keys started working again fine (:But if you're not too sure about doing it... Read More »