My mum makes her BT hub away?

Answer Get your mum some tea and crumpets and maybe she wont take it away.

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My computer CPU makes a lot of noise like a slow moving Moped.Noise can be heard two rooms away.Solutions.Pls?

Check the case fans first (you should find one on the power supply near the power cord and another one or two somewhere else at the back of the case. It could be as simple a thing as a cable which ... Read More »

What makes a website valid and what makes it trustworthy?

There are two things that should always be looked for when distinguishing whether or not a site is "valid".Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Some sites do not have links to these and if I were you I... Read More »

By giving away my computer specs. Am I giving away vital information?

It is safe - only things you do not give out on your computer is your admin passwords/online passwords and product keys etc. Why would you want to give this information out in the first place Are y... Read More »

I have found that turning on all the burners of my stove on a cold winter day makes the kitchen feel moderately warm but putting a pot of water on to boil as well makes it feel much warmer, even if I use fewer burners. Why is that — PM, Little Rock?

When you simply heat the cold air, you lower its relative humidity—the heated air is holding a smaller fraction of its maximum water molecule capacity and is effectively dry. Dry air always feels... Read More »