My mum makes her BT hub away?

Answer Get your mum some tea and crumpets and maybe she wont take it away.

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What makes a website valid and what makes it trustworthy?

There are two things that should always be looked for when distinguishing whether or not a site is "valid".Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Some sites do not have links to these and if I were you I... Read More »

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I have found that turning on all the burners of my stove on a cold winter day makes the kitchen feel moderately warm but putting a pot of water on to boil as well makes it feel much warmer, even if I use fewer burners. Why is that — PM, Little Rock?

When you simply heat the cold air, you lower its relative humidity—the heated air is holding a smaller fraction of its maximum water molecule capacity and is effectively dry. Dry air always feels... Read More »