My new 9320 curve won't go on facebook youtube or twitter?

Answer You need to top up your phone with £10 then from january 1st, you'll get free internet for a month and you can use facebook

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Blackberry Curve 9320 Youtube help?

1. Is ur screen damaged2. Is ur connection good range, speed 3. Curves are **** for watching videos get a bold or iphone I regret getting my curve 9320

Can't click on youtube video on blackberry curve 9320?

There's a problem with the youtube app. They're currently fixing it or something. This too shall pass like the pixelating problem last time.

Publishing on youtube, facebook and twitter at the same time?

You can post it on your facebook account and twitter with the help of share button that you can find below the video that you have posted on youtube.

When is it time to share youtube on twitter and facebook?

I advertised my channel on my twitter the day i posted my first video, if i actually make something of it i will make a facebook fan page but i always post my new videos on my news feed to get some... Read More »