My new laptop has a built in router and it's disconnecting my wireless connection, what can I do?

Answer One, your laptop does not have a built in router, it has integrated wifi capabilities.The reason this happens is because your new laptop is setup for ad-hoc mode and is looking for another computer... Read More »

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How do i turn on wireless connection on my laptop which is built in?

press the button with the antenna symbol onit. alight will flash. its on top of the keyborad

Can you run a laptop wireless as well as a pc with wire connection from router at the same time?

yes, i do it all the time. yo just have to put in the correct Wep/network key.(make sure you have the CAPITALS exactly as they are on the code)

How do i share my internet connection with a new laptop i just bought do i need a wireless router .?

yes you need a wireless router, i know cause i have just got myself a laptop today too

If I directly (with cord) connect my laptop to the router, will it be faster than the wireless connection?

If you want to transfer files and things between PCs connected to the router then wired is the best solution. If you are just using the router to access the internet, the connection speed to the i... Read More »