My pc is running so please?

Answer If the above posters advice doesn't work and they are mostly correct.Then you may have spyware go to a safe place to download programmes and utilities and download either/both Spybot a... Read More »

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Advice please running out of time?

Wanting to set up a server running fedora, please help?

There is free home server software that runs on Fedora called Amahi. You'll find it at The latest version runs on Fedora 14. You'll need to download the DVD installation versi... Read More »

My pc is running very slow can anyone help me please?

There are lots of problems which make your pc slow.Microsoft Registry Problems = Slow Computer!Spyware/AdwareRAMDe-FragmentingEtc.Below can help you speed up your pc:I. De-Fragmenting1. Right click... Read More »

Help please i have unknown device running on my bt home hub?

I don't think there's any need to panic, I doubt you have an intruder in your network. As it's connected to ethport3 it's almost certainly the homehub VOIP phone. I'd guess that if you do a bit of ... Read More »