My pc is very slow, via internet. Modem is ok. Have done virus scan. Any ideas?

Answer download xoftspy from the following link…use the following serialName: joejoeS/N: 1111111112 1213444305and ccleaner from the following linkhttp://www.cclea... Read More »

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My laptop is very slow, I run my virus scan but still the same. i've run the disk clean up already.?

Mine is the same. It was ok at first, but all I did was got rid off all the stuff I downloaded and it started to speed up a bit. It is still quite slow, but that is because I have lots of music tha... Read More »

If you have a virus and share internet connection in one house will it show up on a scan?

I think I understand your question.. if one computer that shares the internet with other computers has a virus, it will not show up or spread on to the other computers or their scans; the virus is ... Read More »

My laptop had a virus, have managed to sort it but now it is very slow?

There are a several reasons why your computer is freezing/slow. First question is when the last time you cleaned your registry. Having a corrupted registry can cause a whole host of errors and prob... Read More »

My pc is running very slow after i got infected with a virus any ideas why?

go to majorgeeks.comdownload avg for antivirus and malwaredownload ad-aware for spywarethey are both free and goodwhy pay moneyyou also have spyware