My pc keeps logging me off everytime i look up a new site or move from emails to a web page.?

Answer Sounds like a virus of sorts. Download AVG Free Edition 8.0 .It is free and should clear your system of viruses. However, if the damage persists, you may have to rebbot your computer and lose all y... Read More »

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I just made a FB page but everytime I comment on someone elses page it says my profile wrote it, not the page?

Switch to the Page and than you can Comment As the Page to Do that Click on the arrow to the right over by your Name Than Where it Says Use Facebook as Select the page than Comment on it and it sho... Read More »

How do i stop google chrome from opening the internet search page everytime i open a new tab or window?

You can easily select whatever page you want to open with a new tab in Chrome by selecting the wrench icon at the top right of the chrome window and choosing "settings". Then you can select the new... Read More »

My msn keeps logging me out do i fix it?

Looks like its your internet not MSN.Mine does this hourly after 6pm, so at 7pm, 8pm.. etc on the hour.But it's not MSN it's just something dodgy with the internet box.So yeah, it's not MSN and i'm... Read More »

How to Move a Grave Site From One Place to Another?

Grave relocation is a sensitive issue. If at all possible, the burial place should be preserved. However, there are extenuating circumstances when a grave must be moved. If a grave site is threaten... Read More »