My pc only has one USB1.1 slot. can I make it become a 2.0?

Answer Might depend on what you use Windows 98SE / XP / Vista or Linux / Apple, as to how you will be able to have 2.0It would probably need you to fit an extra PC card. Some people on Ebay sell them or ... Read More »

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Need info on a HDD/Hard Drive interface/adaptor to slot in a memory card slot of camera. Help!?

Sorry, but you are completely wrong here. Flash memory is completely stable and way more reliable (and has more error-tolerance) than a mechanical hard drive. Flash memory has no moving parts, th... Read More »

Will graphics card with slot PCI-E 3.0 work on motherboard with slot PCI-E 2.0?

Yes, with no problems. And ignore the other guy; the only practical difference between 2.0 and 3.0 is bandwidth (speed limit of the slot on your motherboard, basically), and there are no cards on t... Read More »

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Slot car tracks can be fragile and complicated. If you race slot cars you probably fasten the tracks to plywood to give the system integrity. But when you try to move the track, it's almost impossi... Read More »