My pc only has one USB1.1 slot. can I make it become a 2.0?

Answer Might depend on what you use Windows 98SE / XP / Vista or Linux / Apple, as to how you will be able to have 2.0It would probably need you to fit an extra PC card. Some people on Ebay sell them or ... Read More »

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Need info on a HDD/Hard Drive interface/adaptor to slot in a memory card slot of camera. Help!?

Sorry, but you are completely wrong here. Flash memory is completely stable and way more reliable (and has more error-tolerance) than a mechanical hard drive. Flash memory has no moving parts, th... Read More »

Will graphics card with slot PCI-E 3.0 work on motherboard with slot PCI-E 2.0?

Yes, with no problems. And ignore the other guy; the only practical difference between 2.0 and 3.0 is bandwidth (speed limit of the slot on your motherboard, basically), and there are no cards on t... Read More »

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