My renault clio dci not coming power to glow plug,i have changed plug relay but nothing,hate this relay sam fu?

Answer buy a manuel and read it or pay a renault qualified engineer what ever they are today mechanic to diagnose the said problem the fuse and or relay cuold be d corse ot b dlodlim have another day

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Where can i find glow plug relay on my skoda superb 1.9 2006?

owners manual. workshop manual. possibly on plastic lid printed on underside on some cars. check online eg owners forums .others may have already asked question so we can see results.

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Where is the relay /fuse for peugeot expert, the glow plug light do not work on dash board?

Check owners manual for fuse and relay position. May have? A diagram etc on inside of fuse cover if lucky. Change fuel filter asap to avert fuel issues and have light extinguished.