My router doesn't have an on/off switch?

Answer Yeah some of devices dont have on/off switches, because a router wont be off every time because it is in progressing so if we off the router the connection also stops. If sometimes we off it we sho... Read More »

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Connecting two PCs simultaneously to upstairs wifi router and wired to each other with a switch or router.?

Best bet would be to setup file sharing on each individual machine, and leave the internet connections as-is via the router. Since the file sharing will be via the Ethernet cabling, it should give ... Read More »

Do i need to switch off my router when i switch my computer off?

no, you don't.I'd be surprised if anyone at all did that.

Pc doesnt switch on?

hes using sombody elses .think peopletheres a good chance you cpu fan is not working /loose or full of fluff take the side of the box off and do a spring clean with a paint brusn in one hand and a ... Read More »

Router vs. Hub vs. Switch?

Routers, hubs and switches all perform similar functions on home and business networks. Each one, however, does the job a bit differently. Hubs used to be the only way to join network devices over ... Read More »