My school blocks facebook!!!?

Answer Hi,Just go to the software & install it. Click connect..After this you can go to any blocked sites...But dont misuse it........

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Computer at school blocks myspace.....?

I may be wrong but I thought the purpose of school was to teach you things, not as a means of providing you access to sites that teach you nothing to do with education

School blocks VPN, what should I do?

This proxy changes every day, might work for you…

At school when i try to go on a website it blocks it.?

here you are :Dhttp://www.sureproxy.comhttp://xproxy.jonhosting.com Read More »

My school blocks myspace, how do i get around it? it the schools computer and you are just borrowing it for school work?or did the school give it to you?I go to a cyber school and the school gives you a computer...if you stay in the s... Read More »