My sd card wants to format is there anyway to get the files and stuff off of it before i do it?

Answer There must be some incompatibility between the device you used to save the pictures and the device you are now using. Do not let it format it or the pics will be gone forever.You must use the devic... Read More »

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I am selling a pc & want to format it so none of my personal stuff is still on it. how do do this please?

put the windows or re-install disc in the drive, boot it up, or press any key when you switch it on and it will ask if you want to boot from disc. say yes and put disc in, you will be given the opt... Read More »

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My memory stick keeps asking me to format it, but I'm sure there are already files on it?

that is the indicator of a catastrophic failure of the memory stick. You need to re phrase your statement to "it had important files", Memory stick is dead, Hope you had backups.