My sd card wants to format is there anyway to get the files and stuff off of it before i do it?

Answer There must be some incompatibility between the device you used to save the pictures and the device you are now using. Do not let it format it or the pics will be gone forever.You must use the devic... Read More »

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When a hard drive is formatted, is there any way of finding files that were there before the format?

it's Easy Use Recovery program i recommend easy recovery professional

Is there anyway of changing a music format from cda to mp3?

upload the whole cd onto your comp. then put it onto mp3 =]

Is there anyway to remove the 'Read Only' status on files?

other than that i think you cant... maybe because your source is from a CD that will not allow you to change new data because it is already 'burned' just copy the file from the cd then paste i... Read More »

Is there anyway to record music straight from youtube into files for mp3 players?

There are a few sites that let you do this. is my favorite, it's in German but pretty self explanatory. You just put the URL of the youtube video in the space. It'... Read More »