My sister in low she cant sign in she is in Sudan she tryed so meny tims but no?

Answer Can't sign into what?

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Bought a johnson 50.100% it has an electrial fault tryed under fly wheel cant c anything has anyone any idea?

With any engine, I would always work backwards from spark plug. Try a new plug. Try another plug cap. Remove plug cap from lead and check for a spark from wire core of lead. Unless you have a multi... Read More »

Mouse arrow on new toshiba laptop,stuck solid in middle screen, cant even sign in,cant shift arrow.any suggest?

You've disabled the tracker.If you're not prepared to use your keyboard to fix it then the first thing to do is plug an external mouse in. Use it.If you're prepared to use your keyboard, to log in ... Read More »

Can my sister claim any benefits while she cant work?

If she will only be paid SSP, which currently is about £80 a week then she should eb able to claim housing and council tax benefit. But bare in mind it's unlikely to cover her full rent. If your u... Read More »

Y cant i sign in on msn?

i asked this earlier and someone answered, they were updating it