My space , bebo or face book?

Answer depends on your age and location!!middle or high school - beboany age in Europe - bebocollege or older - facebookmyspace is all over the place, and some pages kinda suck as they're too full of pict... Read More »

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What do you think of myspace, bebo, face book, youtube and yahoo?

myspace is fun with alot of friends, and playing with layouts, but it gets boring after a whilefacebook is okay very confusing, but some of the applications are funyoutube is fun, but theres alot o... Read More »

Which is better my space or bebo?

MSN :]Then againbebos bettermyspave confusses me.Add me if u like metal :Dmwahahor rockmwaahyuh..hmmmpffffff(

Bebo, Facebook or My Space, which is the best?

Bebo is much better less "messy" with its applications than facebook it is all over the place even tho you can arrange it bebo neatly does that for you....hope it helped :)

Should face book be removed?

Yes. It is not a "solid" way to communicate. Before "facebook" came out, we had email and telephone. We do not need facebook. And also, it doesn't matter what privacy settings you use, NOTHING on f... Read More »