My toolbar is vertical on the right hand side of do i get it horizontal across the bottom please?

Answer I think you have to click and drag then drop it where you want it sometimes on some computers it will ask if you want to move it then just follow what it says. hope that helps.

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My toolbar has gone down the right hand side of my monitor how can i return it to the bottom again.?

Click and drag your task bar to the lower bottom. It will perfectly come and sit at the bottom of the screen.

I have clicked something & moved my desktop toolbar vertical - how do I get it back to horizontal?

left click on the mouse (and hold on to it) on the toolbar (the grey area) then drag it back to horizontally

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Taskbar - it has moved to the vertical right hand side?

Right click the taskbarMake sure the "Lock the taskbar" is not tickedHold the task bar with our mouse and just drag it down.Here this video will make you understand better :) Read More »