My whatsapp shows one tick, even when the person is online...why?

Answer 1 tick means sent, 2 ticks means read. They probably have the App on their phone but don't have notifications enabled, in which case the phone got your message they just have not read it yet and s... Read More »

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Is it possible to sense when a person touches a car, even if the car is painted - AW?

Yes. I wouldn't try to detect mechanical contact, because you'd have trouble differentiating between forces exerted on the car by a hand and those exerted on it by sound waves. But you can tell whe... Read More »

My Hyundai sonata Clutch needs ajusting and when starting when cold wont Tick over till warm?

Was that a Hyundai or a hair dryer there is very little difference except the hairdrdryer has more power

What does it mean when somebody says they think a person is such a sweet person?

When they are nice, gentle, considerate , kind, pleasant, understanding, etc. :)

Why do cars "tick" when they are hot?

It the noise of the metal expanding and contracting because of the heat.