My wireless internet connection isn't working?

Answer Try deleting the connection from the list of Preferred Networks and connect to the network, and put in the WPA/WEP key fresh.

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Wireless Internet/MSN Connection Not Working?

This is probably a connectivity issue between your computer and the Internet.You need to identify if the problem is between your computer and the wireless router in your home or if it is between yo... Read More »

In a Wireless Internet connection can anyone else using the wireless internet connection in that house......?

My audio system to my mercedes has froze on phone and the bluetooth connection to the phone isnt working?

Take the deck out.There's a reset button in the back of it

Wireless connection on but no internet connection...?

If your company uses encryption or mac address filtering you will need the authority of the it manager to use it. They may also be using filtering through a main server, same rule applies.