MyPc keeps going off line what can I do to stop this at the monent I press F5 to restore the setting ?

Answer I had the same trouble earlier. Go and unplug the modem and turn of the little black box. Give it a couple of minutes then plug it back in again and turn on the little box. Hey Presto. Problem ... Read More »

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How do i restore a hardrive to original setting?

You will need to use a third party boot disk to boot the computer up without using the hard disk. Then you can reformat the hard disk.Or Try using an external enclosure to connect the hard drive vi... Read More »

Where is the bios setting located on the dell l502x laptop and what function do i have to press to locate it?

You shouldn't have to change the BIOS settings to boot a disc!This has been banded about for years by some people who don't know what the hell they are talking about and it ends up with being the G... Read More »

Help someone restore my computer back to factory setting grrrrrr?

Well, it matters what was done to restore your PC and where your pictures are/were. If they were on your PC, and the restored involved the hard drive, it may well be that they were deleted. You c... Read More »

When i star up my netbook it says bootmgr is missing so if I restore it to factory setting will that fix it?

Hi,Check here first as it may help you not to have to re-install windows :-…Arnak