MyPc keeps going off line what can I do to stop this at the monent I press F5 to restore the setting ?

Answer I had the same trouble earlier. Go and unplug the modem and turn of the little black box. Give it a couple of minutes then plug it back in again and turn on the little box. Hey Presto. Problem ... Read More »

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My DSL line keeps going down, why?

Ensure DSL microfilters are installed on ALL telephone lines.=

My monitor keeps jumping what can I do to stop this.?

is this a CRT or LCD?If it is a CRT (the big tube type) look in the OSD options (On Screen Display) and see if there is an option to degauss, this demagnetises the mesh screen at the back of the gl... Read More »

My wireless connection keeps going on & off and sometimes not available. How do I fix this?

I reckon you've already checked that your wired connection with NTL is OK? Things to check:- are you very distant from your wireless router ?- do you notice any irregularites with the router indica... Read More »

Someone keeps making my internet go off how do i stop this?

He is DDOSing you (Which means he's sending lots of data at your internet connection so it crashes), You will need to contact your internet service provider and ask them to change your 'IP address'... Read More »