Myspace, facebook or other?

Answer If Facebook had have been the original site at the forefront of social networking I'd have said that, but as I'd settled into MySpace when it came around, I'll have to go for MySpace. Plus HTML giv... Read More »

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Who uses myspace more then facebook?

I use facebook more than myspace (for school simply because I am guarenteed that everyone is on there) - but I much prefer Yuniti ( ) because Facebook is too bland for me, and Mys... Read More »

Which 1 facebook or myspace?

It depends on what you want. Myspace seems to be for finding new bands. Facebook is much more popular and has a ton of apps, many good, many annoying. I use Facebook.

Facebook or Myspace Which one is better?

Facebook! It isn't as trashy and it's easier to find people! =] x

Which one MySpace or Facebook?

facebookywook, its cleaner and essayer to navigate and there are better applications