Myspace, facebook or other?

Answer If Facebook had have been the original site at the forefront of social networking I'd have said that, but as I'd settled into MySpace when it came around, I'll have to go for MySpace. Plus HTML giv... Read More »

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Dose anyone no any other sites apart from bebo, facebook, myspace an yahoo?

Do you think the founder of myspace and other such networks are p*ssed they are not doing as well as facebook?

Yes. I am sure they would like to do as well as Face Book. But I don't think they ever will. As you know My Space has went way down hill.

What's the deal with Myspace, Facebook, Bebo etc...are any of these sites really any better than each other?

Do not have anything to do with Facebook.Anything you upload onto there is automatically Facebook's property. By clicking "accept" on the UELA you relinquish all rights to anything you upload.

Does anybody know any other places besides myspace,imvu,facebook,tagged cause there getting kinda boring?