Myspace private/public problem?

Answer Oh dear! I think you've had it. Once it's gone public that's it!That's why I stay away from them!

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Help with a MySpace problem?

you can't hide them but you can make them transparent to make them less ugly .bodyContent tr {background-color:transparent;}.bodyContent table div br {line-height:0px;}

Myspace problem......?

It sounds like your account got deleted. That's happened to me a few times because someone reported me for saying something they didn't agree with in a myspace forum or on a myspace video.Type in y... Read More »


Your mistake was pressing profile editor,because sometimes when your press that your whole profile gets messy.Just press edit profile.Just a btw to tell you,put your layout codes in your "who i'd l... Read More »

Myspace problem?

Well because of that person has been deleted by Myspace or they have cancelled their account.