NETGEAR Powerline Extender Problem?

Answer Wouldn't have thought so seeing that they are a sealed unit and you'll only end up destroying it.Why don't you give it to someone who needs one for a fiver or a tenner instead?

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NetGear Powerline 200 Mini XAVB1301 issues!?

The web page you referenced shows one PowerLine ethernet plug should be plugged into a LAN port on your router, and the other into your computer. From your description, you are connecting one plug ... Read More »

Netgear router problem?

I use to have a netGear router back in the day, I recall having the same issues and having to reset it sometimes made it work fine, but u have to wait 10sec before starting it up again.What I did w... Read More »

Netgear router problem (sky provided this router)?

get the Linksys router ...manufactured by cisco..... you wont find better

What is Broadband over Powerline?

Sometimes, technology moves backwards. Such is the case with Broadband over Powerline, a technology which allows people to access the Internet by plugging a special modem into an electrical outlet.... Read More »