Need advice on ethernet-over-mains?

Answer Here is a range of different types.…According to the bumf at the bottom of the page it doesn't mentionthat they have to be on the same ring main.

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Mains Ethernet to Wireless?

You can get a 'Homeplug' compatible mains ethernet unit with a WiFi access point built in.See the link below.

MAins adapter advice?

you can get multi-voltage adapters with interchangeable plugs in plenty of shops (Maplin springs to mind) just make sure it will give 1Amp or more. Do not use it on the wrong voltage, if you go ove... Read More »

I need an ethernet control driver but my ethernet port is built into the motherboard.?

You will need to download the driver from the ECS website from a working computer. Either burn it to a CD or copy to a flash drive and put into your current PC and installhere is your linkhttp://ww... Read More »

What ethernet cable is used to connect a device to a Ethernet crossover cable switch?

Your question makes no sense.There are patch cables (normal ethernet cables) and cross-over cables where the Rx pair at one end are connected to the Tx pair at the other.