Need help , about my ipad?

Answer Common sense;Delete them from your camera roll.

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Do I need the full sized ipad 4th gen or is the ipad mini good enough for me?

I would recommend heading to your nearest Apple Store or Best Buy so that you can have a hands-on experience with both of them. The biggest difference between the two would be their size; however,... Read More »

I need help about what to talk about in a radio show?

Maybe issues with local public transport? Or disruption caused by the snow (if you are in the uk)? Keep it light though, try and make it comical if possible and try to cheer up the listeners.Be pol... Read More »

Help please i need to do a prestation about somthing i am passinate about,for example smoking ,cooking,?

PresentationpassionateI agree with the other answer, nothing about spelling, english or grammarMaybe try using the free spell check

Career help, I'm 16 about to finish my gcse's soon and really need to start thinking about the future?

Military college. I am a Junior a the Citadel military college of South Carolina right now. You can contract into any branch you like and do four years of school before you do four years of service... Read More »