Need help regarding the assignment topic' Dynamic routing in ad hoc network ?

Answer First thing is to define what you mean by an ad-hoc network.Mobile ad hoc is not defining it, it is adding an extra word. What will be mobile? What with that mobile stuff be connecting to? What sor... Read More »

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Can anyone explain 'static routing and dynamic routing' in simple terms please?

With static routing, the routes are manually entered into the configuration of a router. They are only changed when you specifically change them. With dynamic routing, the routes are "learned" by t... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between ABA Routing Number & Ach Routing Number?

Consumers can transfer money from their banks in a variety of ways. There are paper transfers by writing checks, electronic funds transfers, direct deposit, and wire transfers, among others. Once y... Read More »

Bought a new samsung i9220, network search shows one network i would like to add the network for my sim card.?

You are confusing 2 things. Mobile network and wifi networks. Your mobile network depends on the SIMM card and cannot be changed unless you use change the SIMM. You can only have one mobile network... Read More »

Routing my IP address?

Not sure what you mean .. I'm assuming you mean you are separated from the telnet hardware by a router, and on your side of the router IP addresses have been restricted to local (192.168 ... type) ... Read More »