Need help regarding the assignment topic' Dynamic routing in ad hoc network ?

Answer First thing is to define what you mean by an ad-hoc network.Mobile ad hoc is not defining it, it is adding an extra word. What will be mobile? What with that mobile stuff be connecting to? What sor... Read More »

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Can anyone explain 'static routing and dynamic routing' in simple terms please?

With static routing, the routes are manually entered into the configuration of a router. They are only changed when you specifically change them. With dynamic routing, the routes are "learned" by t... Read More »

I need help with a law dissertation topic?

hey, few days ago, i also facing this type of problem. i spent many days about this law dissertation topic, but no result at last my friend suggest me a reference for help, its help me a lot. you s... Read More »

I need help with my assignment please.?

Look Cadbury's is an international company that uses many many marketing techniques.And marketing covers many areas and thousands of techniques... from product/service development through pricing, ... Read More »

Need help regarding lieu month?

You should still get paid for the time you worked. If you're in the US they have to pay you, whether you give notice or not.