Need help with my computer. Windows 7 problem?

Answer Means you've mistakenly installed two version of Windows 7 on the same PC? If so, try to use your real Windows 7 installation Disc and reinstall a fresh copy of Windows.Alternatively, you can try o... Read More »

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Had a problem with slow computer and now windows won't start. Can anyone help?

I came across this link so hopefully you will find something helpful there.…If you are not confident yourself it might be better to take it to someone wit... Read More »

I really need help with my computer, (having to use one at library to ask this question). The problem is it?

first you restart the system and press the F8 button continues when sys start up and select the option menu in comannd promot mode. and you are in windows inside go to start menu click the run o... Read More »

Someone help me with Windows 8 problem?

Hi..If you find some touch pad gestures a pain then tweak to your requirements..From desktop right click touch pad icon (Bottom right) and select properties..OrWindows key (Start menu) > Right Clic... Read More »

Can anyone please help me with a Windows 8 problem?

Sounds like you are getting a 'beep code'. This link will help you to discover what the problem is…