Need help with my computer. Windows 7 problem?

Answer Means you've mistakenly installed two version of Windows 7 on the same PC? If so, try to use your real Windows 7 installation Disc and reinstall a fresh copy of Windows.Alternatively, you can try o... Read More »

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Computer problem: my computer won't work, it continues to re-boot & before it can open up windows, it crashes?

better change the bios settings to make the cd/dvd as the first boot device and try another xp cd to format it bcoz there may be some pblm with ur cd also.....

My computer windows explorer stopped working ,and checking for a solution to the problem,windows explorer is r?

It sounds like the Operating System (OS) is corrupted, but this can be easily sorted. There are 2 ways assuming that you have your XP disc. The first is a means of letting your PC look through its ... Read More »

Windows 7 desktop computer problem?

Boot to your Win7 CD Select repair & language (not sure which order these come up..)Select Startup RepairFollow the promptsYou won't loose any data

Had a problem with slow computer and now windows won't start. Can anyone help?

I came across this link so hopefully you will find something helpful there.…If you are not confident yourself it might be better to take it to someone wit... Read More »