Need new computer hobby?

Answer Google Earth explorer - exploring the Earth, Moon & Mars via the GOOGLE EARTH software from you can find out what's up in the sky with free open source software... Read More »

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New hobby idea need help?

Whenever I see somebody riding a unicycle, I think to Myself "what a pr!ck".

I feel Facebook's taking over my life, I need a hobby?

Knitting, learning a new language, maybe even working out at home. Whatever it is, it should be something that could better your life, instead of the social networking this day and age.

I want to connect my xbox360 to my computer screen via my computer(xps420) how do i do that and what do i need?

All you need is the Xbox 360 VGA A/V cable. They are relatively cheap and provide good video quality. One end connects to the Xbox the other to the Video input port of the computer monitor. I haven... Read More »

What do I need and need to do to keep my computer running smoothly and safe?

Safe >>> Keep your antivirus product up to date and scan with these 2 freebies once a week...…Computer running smoothly >>> dow... Read More »