Need specific computer help?

Answer if you can afford it why dont you get an apple I mac they are really good and very fast athey all so last a very long time and don't get viruses unlike other computers I don't no about the soft w... Read More »

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I need a specific example in the consideration and justification of upgrading a computer system?

Surely you've covered all the options in your list of things you say you already know about (op sys, hardware, software, network and cost). Even your given poor example of low graphics capability i... Read More »

Need help! What PSU wattage do i need for my computer specs?

Here is Guru3Ds power supply recommendation: GeForce GTX 660 - On your average system the card requires you to have a 450~500 Watt power supply unit. GeForce GTX 660 SLI - On your average sys... Read More »

Will self automated patented machines from Ireland for specific purpose can help generate income and help?

Your question is too obscure.Please elaborate, and ask the question with more detail; but, in order to protect your interests, do not provide any confidential information.http://www.patently-creati... Read More »

I need help on my computer?

Incredibly their guesses are correct. Although the pcie expresss slots guarantee compatibility it doesn't answer his question.I would also recommend the updated 9800 gtx+ which is now known as the... Read More »