Need specific computer help?

Answer if you can afford it why dont you get an apple I mac they are really good and very fast athey all so last a very long time and don't get viruses unlike other computers I don't no about the soft w... Read More »

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Is there any way of blocking a specific website on my computer?

Sure there is..Internet Explorer version 5 and later offer the ability for heighten security and privacy. You can block a site by following the directions below:1. Load your Internet explorer2. Cli... Read More »

Can i set my computer to tern on at a specific time?

You would have to leave it on in the first place then and set a schedule to wake it up from standby or hibernation.If you turn it off, there is no program that will operate a mechanical push button... Read More »

I need a specific example in the consideration and justification of upgrading a computer system?

Surely you've covered all the options in your list of things you say you already know about (op sys, hardware, software, network and cost). Even your given poor example of low graphics capability i... Read More »

Resolution issue - how can I completely reset my computer to a configuration on a specific date?

The out-of-range warning on your monitor was due to setting your display adapter to a refresh rate not compatible with the monitor itself.When you booted into safe mode, you should un-install the g... Read More »