Need to change IP adress (Help ?

Answer its easy if you have a bt home hub if you have a home hub Email me i will tell you how i had the same problem as you on empire earth.

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Can i change my IP adress?

Wont make any difference. The UK and the US are using far better sophisticated detection equipment now on their servers than they had even a year ago. As soon as you connect you are traced back thr... Read More »

Can you change the name on your email adress?

I doubt you can change the email address but you may be able to create a new one on the same Windows Live ID. - there and click on "email addresses" and see if you ca... Read More »

What does it mean when someone has the same IP adress as you?

Control Panel - 'click' Network & Internet - then 'click' view Network Status & Tasks - The 'click' Trouble Shoot Problems.You can also read more information using Help and Support on your PC.It ... Read More »

How do You Find Your IP Adress?

Internet Protocol is commonly denoted in dotted decimal form. Somehow depends on your operating system for example in Windows XP you??re just going to open command prompt which is located at access... Read More »