Need to change IP adress (Help ?

Answer its easy if you have a bt home hub if you have a home hub Email me i will tell you how i had the same problem as you on empire earth.

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Can i change my IP adress?

Wont make any difference. The UK and the US are using far better sophisticated detection equipment now on their servers than they had even a year ago. As soon as you connect you are traced back thr... Read More »

Guidance required, i need to change my job but have no clue what to change to HELP!!!?

Can you change the name on your email adress?

I doubt you can change the email address but you may be able to create a new one on the same Windows Live ID. - there and click on "email addresses" and see if you ca... Read More »

Hey guys i need help i like my hair but should i change please help 10ponts?

Maybe you could give it more volume? You don't have to cut it! If you like it just keep it! Don't care what anyone thinks! :)