Need to know about subnet masking?

Answer At least buy the books below. The CCNA test isn't easy and if you want to pass it you're going to need to understand subnet masks as well as many other networking topics in detail.You'll need to b... Read More »

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What Is a Screened Subnet?

A screened subnet is a protective method used in computer networks that have both public and private areas. These systems separate public and private functions into two distinct areas. The local in... Read More »

What Is a Subnet Mask?

A subnet mask is a pattern of bits that can be used to isolate specific portions of an Internet Protocol (IP) address. When it is applied to an IP address, the network interface's host address and ... Read More »

Ip address subnet scheme?

Give this site a try, it has a handy calculator to work the results out…

How to Calculate an IP Subnet Mask?

An IP address is a 32-bit binary code (often written in the decimal-dot form) that contains network and host parts. The host bits define a particular computer. The network prefix determines a netwo... Read More »