Need to know about subnet masking?

Answer At least buy the books below. The CCNA test isn't easy and if you want to pass it you're going to need to understand subnet masks as well as many other networking topics in detail.You'll need to b... Read More »

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I need advice about stocks (i dont know anything about it)?

You have 265.504 units. Each unit has a price or value. This will either be in the FT if it is a unit trust or similar or maybe quoted in the market (unlikely). Just 'phone the dealing desk of the ... Read More »

All i need to know about gcse's?

GCSEs do not matter at all, do not worry. The only GCSEs that do matter are your core options (english, maths and science) the optional choices should be a great variety, like the ones you have. If... Read More »

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Renew your fascination with nature by planting flowers that grow from small seeds and can eclipse many plants in your garden: sunflowers. Some hybrids reach heights of 16 feet. Or to address space ... Read More »