Need to secure my Belkin N Wirless router! Help!?

Answer Type in into a browser window.The router config utilty will load.Default login is left blank.Click on System Settings, leave first box blank and in second and third boxes add new passw... Read More »

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How to Secure a Belkin Wireless Router?

Wireless routers allow you to access the Internet and other networks from any connected computer in your home or office. If you have not secured your wireless router, though, freeloaders can take a... Read More »

Where can i put the WEP/WPA key onto the belkin wirless G usb network adapter?

you dont, you have to put the wep key into the settings of the router, try putting into the address bar of your IE, and put as username :Admin or admin and as password: Admin or admin t... Read More »

How can I connect a wireless ADSL router to a wired WAN router and secure the WIFI?

NEVER use more than one router on a connection. It causes conflicts, slows the network and can even stop it totally. Apart from that you can NOT connect a DSL port to a network. It must connect to ... Read More »

I cant remember my wep password to use my wirless internet router.?

wow, lot's of "good" answers. You just need to reset the router to it's "factory default" settings. If you have the manual, you can find it in there. If not, you can go to the support site for t... Read More »