NetGear Powerline 200 Mini XAVB1301 issues!?

Answer The web page you referenced shows one PowerLine ethernet plug should be plugged into a LAN port on your router, and the other into your computer. From your description, you are connecting one plug ... Read More »

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NETGEAR Powerline Extender Problem?

Wouldn't have thought so seeing that they are a sealed unit and you'll only end up destroying it.Why don't you give it to someone who needs one for a fiver or a tenner instead?

TP-Link TL-PA211KIT 200Mbps Mini Powerline Ethernet Adapter?

They are both rated at 200Mbit so should have exactly the same performance.I've used a few of the TP-Link ones and they work well.The only consideration really is if you are likely to be doing any ... Read More »

What is Broadband over Powerline?

Sometimes, technology moves backwards. Such is the case with Broadband over Powerline, a technology which allows people to access the Internet by plugging a special modem into an electrical outlet.... Read More »

Who invented powerline networks?

Cracking questionGo to this link for just about as much information on the subject as is available…