New Facebook, how to delete coment?

Answer Click on the Pencil and choose Delete from the drop down box.

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Is liking someone's coment on facebook an appropriate way to say thank you?

Why not just type "thank you" - that's an appropriate way to say "thank you"?

If i delete a photo album from Facebook would it delete the photographs inside?

yes.. Just like when you're deleting a folder on your computer. If you just like to delete the album but not the photos, you might want to back up your photos first.

Can't remember log in email for facebook, I want to delete the account and restart a new one, how do I delete?

no....sorry,unless you can reset the email know,when you can choose the option that you forgot your login or password(i think it's got it.pick FORGOT EMAIL....or whatever(may be FORGOT... Read More »

I delete account facebook, what can i restore my facebook?

if you delete it, you cannot get anything backbut if all you did is deactivate it, just log back in, then wait 48 hours, and everything goes back to normal