New Instagram policy?

Answer Instagram are going to roll back to the old terms of service on the 19th January, due to the uproar about using picture to advertise

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I am a named driver on a insurance policy but the policy holder got DUI and a driving ban. Can I still drive?

Yes you can still drive the car for now, but chances are great that the person with the DUI is going to get canceled. If I understand correctly the policy is in that person's name? That person wi... Read More »

Car Insurance Dilemma Please Help!! NCB existing policy bought new car. Policy ending.?

No - you can't do that because you are no longer the legal owner of the first vehicle. Your NCB will continue with the new car so you will not loose out. You need to sort this out asap as it coul... Read More »

How can i trace a lost endowment policy without policy number?

Check with your bank if the endowment was paid on Direct Debit or Standing order. Use the collection reference to determine the insurer. Contact the insurer with Name date of birth and address you ... Read More »

Hi i have an old policy from london and manchester its called a penny policy could anyone tell me what to doi?

My late gran had some penny policies with Liverpool Victoria, and they did yield money on her death. It certainly wasn't vast amounts, and rules and regulations may have changed regarding them, and... Read More »