No Internet Connections Available?

Answer Call router support first. Then your internet provider if you still have problems. Do a search for "(router brand) support".

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Why does the wireless on my internet always switch to "no connections available"?

readget your router channel off of AUTO.set channel width to 40MHz where possible instead of's something in your area/neck of the woods.

How to Install Internet Connections?

Installing Internet connections is a valuable skill in the modern world of electronics. Understanding how all the parts fit together is essential to ensuring a good connection. As Internet equipmen... Read More »

How to unblock internet connections?

go to network connections and disable the lan port

Question about internet connections?

It could possibly be the main phone point face plate. Unscrew the two screws on the phone point face plate and take it off. Behind there should be a test socket, plug your filter into it and try th... Read More »