No body can connect to the internet when i play Day Z?

Answer Probably means that Day Z uses most of your bandwidth. Do a speed test and show us what results you get both for upload and download.Interactive games tend to consume significant upload bandwidth a... Read More »

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My computer is work slowly when i connect the internet?

Clear browsing and download history and then do the following.Start-run then type cleanmgr then clean c drive then again run and type temp now delete temporary files then again run and now type %t... Read More »

When i connect a screw driver to the amplifiers body the sub-woofers start to work, what do i do please help!?

another point to check is that your ground wire has to be the same size as your power wire -4gauge power wire needs a 4 gauge ground make sure its grounded to bare metal too and not paint or plastic

How do we connect our laptop to the internet when we our away from home?

I too have just bought a wireless enabled laptop myself (Intel Centrino). I haven't yet set up my wireless network at home yet, but i have been able to connect to the Internet at Uni, using the fre... Read More »

When I try to connect internet my browser shows "this page can not be displayed.?

Go into Control Panel ( classic view)Open: Network ConnectionsHighlight your Internet Connection with your mouseRight click on it and chose PropertiesHighlight TCP/IP with your mouseClick: Propert... Read More »