No connection coming through?

Answer Have you actually got the server running? One error in configuration can stop it.

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The connection from the fuel leak off pipe to the injectors keep coming loose and leaking diesel, any ideas pl?

Maybe if you share the vehicle make, model, year and engine with us we could venture a guess.

I have a horse hair like material coming out my exhaust. There is "miles" of it. Where is it coming from?

IT IS DEFINITELY YOUR CAT CONVERTER ! cost you around £100 + for a new one !

Internet connection and computer very slow. My flat is very cold. Is there a connection with these 2 facts?

1) Slow internet connection has to do with your ISP (Internet Service Providers). Orange broadband and very cold flat are immaterial.Complain to your ISP on phone. They will only make a very sm... Read More »

I have updated my wireless password but my connection to printer is broken. How do i re-establish connection?

Sometimes you have to reconfigure your printer with a cable to a compuer. For example, if you have an installation disc from your printer, you can follow the procedure to re-install it.You may have... Read More »