No internet access through one computer but not the other?

Answer Do they both use wireless connections, or does the desktop connect via Ethernet?Follow this procedure:Unplug power cables on the router and modem.First plug in the modem and wait a minute or two fo... Read More »

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Why can't I access the internet through my BT home hub?

We have a BT home hub and 3 laptops which have Vista and one that has XP. If they told you it was the fault of Vista, then they don't know what they are talking about. We have had as many probs w... Read More »

My laptop wont allow me to access the internet although it shows as being connected through my wi-fi?

Unplug the router.. Wait 10Seconds then plug it back in.

My computer cant access the internet?

Possibly spyware, and restore ofte does not fix that/ First check your time zone and time are set correctly. Then download the free scanner from and run the full scan

How do i get my internet to my other computer...?

get one wireless router, connect your internet cable to router. establish a network within your destop, laptop n router. if u hav dial up connection to connect to internet then just share your inte... Read More »