No one is left at my old employer to give me a reference. What do I do?

Answer The old Manager knew you as an employee, so yes use him.UK

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If previous employer don't give check reference,but still working and good relation and prevous employer don?

In the UK there is no legal requirement for your employer to provide you with a reference. Due to the fact that under Data Protection laws people can request to see references written about them, ... Read More »

Can an employer give you a bad reference ?

yes, but only if the info they are giving is is illegal to lie on a reference - but if you were not a good employee then it would be your own fault

I'm looking for a new job, can my employer give a bad reference?

if your in the UK, then NO they cannot but if you have broken the law whilst working for the company then they have to dislose to your new employer, must companies now just give a generic reference

Can an employer give a bad reference?

They can't write anything that isn't true, but it's not going to look good for you if they say that you had to attend a disciplinary hearing and then walked out on the job.If you were still in a pr... Read More »