No one is left at my old employer to give me a reference. What do I do?

Answer The old Manager knew you as an employee, so yes use him.UK

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If previous employer don't give check reference,but still working and good relation and prevous employer don?

In the UK there is no legal requirement for your employer to provide you with a reference. Due to the fact that under Data Protection laws people can request to see references written about them, ... Read More »

What to do if your employer wont give a reference?

Sell yourself to the best of your abilities.Don't worry.

Can an employer give you a bad reference ?

yes, but only if the info they are giving is is illegal to lie on a reference - but if you were not a good employee then it would be your own fault

Can an employer give a bad reference?

They can't write anything that isn't true, but it's not going to look good for you if they say that you had to attend a disciplinary hearing and then walked out on the job.If you were still in a pr... Read More »