No sound from online media players?

Answer control panel, sounds and audio devices, audio tab and check what is selected under sound playback & tick use default devicesor internet options, advanced tab and under multimedia tick play sounds

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are there any blue ray dvd players with built-in media players?

Although I have heard that CD players are on average better at reproducing sound, I have also heard that the best sound quality can still be had from high end phonographs. To what extent is this true?

The digitization process does introduce some distortions into the sound signal, including aliasing (confusion about high frequencies) and quantization error (round-off errors in recording the softe... Read More »

What types of sound can humans hear What types of materials are soundproof How is the volume of a sound changed Is the speed of sound the same in all types of media, such as water or air — JM, Fairfax, VA?

In air, sounds are disturbances that consist of compressions and rarefactions—the air molecules are packed either more tightly or less tightly than normal. These regions of too high or too low pr... Read More »

How much sound quality improvement will i get by upgrading from a motherboard sound slot to a sound card?

When i switched from my on board AC97 sound card to a $80 soundblaster I noticed absolutely no difference. Pissed me off something awful