Not seen my message but active on Facebook!!?

Answer it seems he doesn't like to reply.

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She has not seen my facebook message but she has been active on Facebook.. Any chance she has seen it?

She probably has seen that you have messaged her and didnt open the message, cuz maybe shes not tha intrested in you or she cant me.arsed to message back... Maybe shes had enough of people harshing... Read More »

Is it possible that she Hasn't seen my Facebook Message yet?

Nobody really has 800 friends do they? Have you considered the possibility that she doesn't want to accept you as a friend? Seriously with that many 'friends' your message has probably just been ov... Read More »

He's been online on chat but not seen my message Facebook help?

His phone cache has facebook still stored on the memory so every time he uses his phone it will show he's online even though he is not using facebook. If he seen the message a little checkmark will... Read More »

What Is an Active Message?

An active message (AM) is a type of inter-process communication used in computing, whereby a computer program's subroutine or function can be executed by a completely different computer than where ... Read More »