Novo 7 Advanced will not connect to wifi?

Answer first go to the command prompt and type IPCONFIG/ALL. this will show any media disconnected serversreboot and use an ethernet conecction to see if it is recognized.last - put a paperclip in the sma... Read More »

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My laptop will not connect to the wifi, or the router?

hi james here is what to do, go back into where you changed the security key and make the security no security to just test the router and if this works then setup a wps code and write it down and ... Read More »

Arnova G book will not connect wifi. help!?

Why my Sony Xperia will not connect to my home wifi, the rest is ok ?

Power cycle the router and let it startup again, wait 10m and try to connect again. Ensure the router hasn't mac filtering enabledHTHDavid

If I activate the VPN on my iphone 4 will it allow me to finally connect to wifi?

The two things are not linked. You can access WIFI with or without VPN.Are you sure that there is an unprotected WIFI where you are trying? Or if it is protected that you are using the correct pass... Read More »