Oh gosh (back to webcams) ... when you try them out for the first time, you realise why people talk to you ?

Answer i find a smear of cooking oil on the web cam Lens improves my looks.enjoy the day

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Using skype for the first time.. do people have to be able to see me for me to see them?

yes, you can. start off with a voice call, and ask her to activate her video feed.

When will people realise 'Google' is not a verb?

I am selling on ebay for the first time, and am getting people messaging me, but when I try to reply it says?

If people have questions about your auction item, add the information to the description. If they want to end an auction early, ignore them.

Why do people try to add me on facebook when I hated them back in school and they hated me?

I've been having this problem lately too, there's two possibilities, which one it is depends on if they communicate with you or not. If they send you messages seeing how you are doing then they gre... Read More »