Ok, so none of these 'who has been visiting your profile' applications on facebook actually work... right?

Answer Right. Facebook doesn't allow people to track who views their profiles. Facebook applications, on the other hand, are unable to track anybody unless they have the consent of the viewer.Follow the s... Read More »

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On that facebook group called receive a notification when someone views your profile, does it actually work?

no.that violates the privacy policy.Facebook says:"Facebook does not allow users to track profile views or see statistics on how often a particular piece of content has been viewed and by whom with... Read More »

Facebook - is it possible to find out who has been looking at your profile on facebook?

No you can't see who has been looking at your profile. The closest thing to that is an application called "Top Followers" that tells you who's been following your profile the most but I'm not so su... Read More »

On facebook how do you find out who has been looking at your profile.?

You CANNOT.Facebook privacy statement says that facebook does not allow a user or application to find out who visits a profile. Facebook deletes all such applications that do this.

Is there anyway on Facebook you can see whos been on your profile?

Unless they like a picutre, status or post on your wall or something then unfortunatley no :(It would be fricken awsome though if you could :)