Okay so i met this girl on the net... how do i know that she is real?

Answer Webcam, then you know she (or he...) isn't a 40 year old trucker.

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Okay, i know this questions here all the time but...?

i didnt think you could work until you were 16?

Does anyone know a good website that I can build a web site that uses a real domain name ie .uk, .eu or .com?

You can build your site with any provider - to have a 'real' domain you have to buy it and point it at the site you vuild.

A girl who i dont know asked me to use her credit card over msn on various sites. Does anyone know why this is?

Because she wants someone else to commit credit card fraud rather than her?

Is this whole video okay- and does my hair and makeup look okay?

you look fine! i dont see a problem with your makeup or hair.if you really want some critism then maybe give your hair a trim so its more fresher and will be more makeup well because i ... Read More »