Okay so i met this girl on the net... how do i know that she is real?

Answer Webcam, then you know she (or he...) isn't a 40 year old trucker.

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What is the link to Giovanna Plowman's real facebook page Tampon Girl?

You asked this a week ago and it would appear someone sent you the link because you thanked her for it. Are you really that fascinated by it?

I am skilled on photoshop and Flash i want and online job that is REAL and that pays REAL money.?

for the most part you will find jobs based on personal well jobs u will work through person to person and with new websites offering easier photo manipulation the photoshop thing wont help you much... Read More »

Get real answers from millions of real people.?

of course, you know you want to. if your into car stereo, you the job is never finished. There is always something better.

In google earth, how real is 'real time'?

You must realise that Google is not going round the world every day so the mages you see are those that were captured around 6-7 years ago. The most uptodate images are of course of Streetview whi... Read More »